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Tying it all together

Giggle that it’s used to target porn actresses, but facial recognition is a big threat to privacy in the coming future: I blogged in 2011 how when it reached the point where it can tie together social networks and websites (plus content, … Continue reading

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Authentic belongingness: Community, context and culture in a digital world

Belongingness: The human emotional need to be an accepted member of a group. Whether it is family, friends, co-workers, or a sports team, humans have an inherent desire to belong and be an important part of something greater than themselves. … Continue reading

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The island of “me”: Digital narcissism, personalization, and ego

I’m intrigued by a pet observation that’s been swirling and coalescing in my little head lately: namely, the internet – an instant platform for all our own little opinions and soapboxes – has made us all think we’re important. Way … Continue reading

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Disparity and consequences: How technology will create an opportunity divide

Technology – particularly the Internet – was hailed as “the great leveler” in the early days, and indeed it many ways it has been. But I was struck by a comment on someone’s post today, that both of his grandchildren – … Continue reading

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Pugnacious twats: Anger issues in an interactive world

I’ve had a few unsavory run-ins (and yes, that’s the right word) with people on other people’s Facebook discussions lately. You know, the kind when you’re innocuously commenting on someone’s post and then “bam!” someone who feels the need to … Continue reading

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