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An entertaining mess

One of the most fascinating (at least, to me) shifting and moving around that’s happening in the entertainment industry. The old model (writer, content creator, distribution / network all being separate – and being subsidized by traditional “push” advertising messages – is clearly dying, yet the old establishment is stubbornly clinging to the way they’ve been doing things since time immemorial instead of innovating. Sure there is a ton of money involved, but they are going to lose out in the end so why not embrace it? Continue reading

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Ho hum: Where’s the innovation?

Article out today on Fast Company, titled “The Smartphone Revolution is Over.” And I agree. In terms of form they’ve pretty much reached the limit of the current form factor. They got small, now they’re getting bigger, flatter, bigger screens, etc. … Continue reading

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Asgard awaits: Analyzing the entertainment model

So. Movies. Specifically, action ones (but any, really). I just indulged in 3D Imax Thor, good enough entertainment – shot a little too much with “angles” for gratuitous 3D impact, but overall beautiful and surprisingly sweet. I’m just sorry the … Continue reading

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Not just a pretty face in the crowd: The future of Visual Search

I’m fascinated with the potential for visual search a la Google Goggles. It’s one of the newest ways to search and at the forefront of the next generation: it allows you to search from your cell phone by snapping a picture, … Continue reading

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Disruptive cataclysms? The impact of rapidly changing technology

Technology – and the “rapid changes” everyone is talking about – is being hailed as a disruptive force. Most recently Mark Zuckerberg used the term to describe the future business landscape, and how Facebook (or rather, erm, “social networking”) was at … Continue reading

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