I’m presenting at The Empiricist League Tuesday, June 11th

If you want to see me in action, I’m presenting Tuesday (tomorrow) night on the “Future of Fast….How 3D printing is speeding up how we make everything” for the Empiricist League in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I’m be touching on different aspects of 3D printing, from architectural applications through to bioprinting livers cells and skin grafts…and manufacturing, […]

Opportunity Lost: NikeFuel, Gamification & Making a Difference

Nike+ & NikeFuel are beautiful examples of a brand living their values (Just Do It!) via technology and community. A new campaign by one of the biggest consumer brands in the world brings those elements into sharp focus by combining user’s NikeFuel points with love for their favorite college basketball teams. But they missed an […]


I’m doing what I mentioned in my first post: musing about the “grand unified theory” as I watch with (sometimes admittedly sarcastic) humor people’s frenzied adherence to holiday traditions – and the mental sandboxes people accept without questioning. It’s more an ongoing vector analysis of humanity and the attempting to predict outcomes as to where “streams” […]

An entertaining mess

One of the most fascinating (at least, to me) shifting and moving around that’s happening in the entertainment industry. The old model (writer, content creator, distribution / network all being separate – and being subsidized by traditional “push” advertising messages – is clearly dying, yet the old establishment is stubbornly clinging to the way they’ve been doing things since time immemorial instead of innovating. Sure there is a ton of money involved, but they are going to lose out in the end so why not embrace it?